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A Simple System for Your Backyard You Can Build Yourself


Raise tilapia in your own backyard with a system designed as a small, affordable system for raising tilapia at home. This small system is designed to humanely provide an ideal environment for tilapia to thrive and grow to a large size. The fish are stimulated to eat and grow naturally. We use no hormones with our fish. The Tilapia 101 Workshop is a demonstration about how to build your own MyBFF backyard fish farm. Perfect for those who want to DIY!


MyBFF - Raise Fish in A Barrel - One 55-Gallon Barrel - A Complete Ecosystem

Learn how to build it at the Tilapia 101 Workshop.

A single 55-gallon food grade drum can be used to create the perfect complete ecosystem to raise tilapia. Supports 12 pounds of fish. Perfect for schools, and for home. Learn how to raise fish, plus taking care of your own fish is educational and fun. Learn by doing with this hands-on science laboratory with applications in Biology,Chemistry, Physics, and Math.

You can build it yourself. Here is the shopping list.

Come to the Tilapia 101 workshop to see how it is done!

Resource: Vision Magazine: High Tech Fish Farming in Your Own Backyard by Tilapia Mama


MyBFF - Four Barrel System - Four 55-Gallon Barrels 

Here is another system using barrels. Putting four together expands the capacity. A good system if you have to move it -- it is easy to move!  The photo shows a way of connecting four 55-gallon barrels together.

Four barrel MyBFF backyard fish farm


MyBFF Tote - 275 Gallon System  - Learn How at the Hands-On Workshop

A even better way of adding capacity, in a very affordable way, is by using a 275-gallon food grade tote to create a perfect ecosystem to raise tilapia. Attend the Hands-On Workshop to learn how to build this system. mybackyardfishfarm@cox.net. 


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