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Do You have a MyBFF? What is a MyBFF?

MyBFF is Simply the Best System for Raising Tilapia in Your Own Backyard.  My Backyard Fish Farm!

Build one yourself. It is easy. 

Be green with your own sustainable food source.

Raise your own healthy tilapia and vegetables at home


Tilapia Mama has been breeding and raising tilapia for ten years and is dedicated to providing a source of tilapia fingerlings for people who want to raise their own food fish. Tilapia Mama is a Naturalist with the San Diego Natural History Museum and is a health and science educator.

TM is a PhD Candidate in Science Education at Walden University, has a Masters Degree from Cornell University, and has an BA Honors Degree in Science, Technology, and Public Affairs from John Muir College, University of California, San Diego. She was a California State Senate Fellow in Sacramento. 

TM is currently teaches undergraduate and graduate level courses at a local university. She previously worked for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute for 5 years at the UC San Diego School of Medicine, and helped to set up the fish facility on the campus at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine.  

Tilapia Mama is one of the foremost experts on raising and breeding tilapia in Southern California.



Tilapia Mama is committed to saving the blood lines of the California Salton Sea tilapia as part of our natural heritage. Tilapia Mama leads expeditions to the Salton Sea to save the genetic heritage of the California tilapia of the Salton Sea.

  • ANYONE, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD can raise tilapia, if he/she knows how. 
  • Southern California can be the number one best tilapia growing region in the world, with the best taste and flavor of tilapia grown anywhere.

Tilapia Mama is committed to developing improved feed and recirculation systems and solar technology for raising tilapia in support of a higher quality and healthy food source for everyone, everywhere.

Tilapia Mama is committed to teaching workshops to show people how to raise their own sustainable food. Volunteer Internships are available. Please write us for information mybackyardfishfarm@cox.net

Tilapia Mama's goal is for anyone, anywhere in the world, to be able to raise their own fish as a sustainable high protein food source. She believes that anyone, anywhere can raise their own fish as a food source, if they know how.

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